2018 unique year

2018 was a unique year for me and my tribe or group or clan or comrades or whatever you call those that you are connected with.

I feel with this blog post a little bit like those families that send you a letter and let you know what went on with the family. So hear goes. Brenda and I had our usual summer with as much as travel as possible and as much family and friend activity as schedule permits. But the the things I think might interest those who I think might read this Blog ( we never know about these things)are as follows.

Around Feb of 2018 the CD Artifact was released by Omnivare Records. It was a release of 9 songs that The Choir ,a Iegendary Cleveland group that I played with in the 1960's  .This resulted in us selling over 1000 CDS with about 25 reviews worlwide and two sold out reunion shows at the Beachland BALLROOM.

In late August I was asked to be part of the Holy Spirit Prayer Center. I  play Contemporary worship and praise at various churches and shrines throughout the Cleveland area. What I did not expect was this to lead  to playing worship and praise in Dec 2018 at the Rock N  Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland, an event that was sponsored by the Holy Spirit Prayer Center.

In September we took a trip to Toronto (actually Missisauga) to The Airport Church Catch The Fire. Believe me we caught the Fire, which quite frankly changed Brenda and I forever. 

In late October my first band The Lost Souls (from 1965 to 1968 You Tube Vdeo) music was released with 20 some songs and a 32 page booklet by Lion Heart Productions.... 


Also in 2018 Brian Sands my bandmate from Milk and Moses passed away as did my dear friend and fellow manchild Fred Grupe passed on, I played at both of their tributes at the  beachland Ballroom

I also played in Hilton Head at the coffeehouse by Coligny Plaza, visited Ann Arbor ,did a song in Nashville Indiana  which is  a cool town ,and released about 10 singles on CD baby and I tunes.All this is in  addittion to my annual activities of playing out solo, coordinating shows, etc.blogging, doing radio and also working on a CD with Alan Globekar do out in 2019. A lot of theses activities and videos  are on my facebook page 

I could have divided these events into meaningfull Spiritual Christian Activities and Rock and Roll and music stuff but I'm not going to, because it  doesn't happen that way in my life.It's a constant wave of stimuli that propells me as if in a chess game with eternal stakes forward into more and more love, art, writing, music and relationships with friends ,family  and the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. For those who care(we never know with these things) I have a memoir which traces my journey from my childhood to about 2016.Its called Welcome to my World and it is available on this website or Amazon. But hey that was up to 2016 it it was 2018 last year.

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